Friday, March 26, 2010


The VISION & AIM ... Connecting Martial Artists and ActionMAD Sports people locally, nationally and internationally to Be aware of and Help where possible in MAKING.A.DIFFERENCE. 
To Educate, Inspire, Motivate and help Kids and Familys be all they can be with 21st century Solutions...that are available.

M.A.D. "Make A Difference" YOUR DIFFERENCE !!

Make A Difference - MARTIAL ARTS Does !

Make A Difference - Martial Artists Do !

Martial Arts is world wide and it has made a difference in many students and instructors lives ... we want to do more ... WE CAN !!
We want to help more people GET BUZZY enjoying the benefits, this is needed in society TODAY and connecting Martial Artists and all of us together in awareness and communication WILL ... Help to protect children, women and men !
It WILL Inspire youth !
Help to end poverty !
Bring people closer !

All my instructors since I was child have been fantastic role models and I'm sure yours is ... I truly believe it is just the way... !
One of my God given aims is "to help END-Money/Health/Planet-POVERTY" through teaching the skills to become BLACK BELT MONEY CLEVER which is why I started and this is to raise awareness of the Martial Arts for society and connecting Martial Artists together in a common cause.
The AIMS of "M.A.D. Martial Artists" are to raise awareness of ALL Martial Arts.
And to link with other Martial Artists who "Want to HELP make a better World" and to take action.* ARE YOU ONE ...what would you like to improve in our World !!!
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Want to JUST know whats happening JOIN the group "Gkr Joe Estrada" on Facebook or Add Twitter - "SenseiJoe4Kids" and Lets GET'KIDS'READY' .
THANK YOU - May the Force Always be with You !!

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  1. Excellent Program ~ We would be Honored to be involved in making Our World a better place ~ GM Bill Willard ~ Odori Kumo ( Dancing Spider ) Combat Martial Arts ~